Staple products-Hydrogenation catalyst series
  Special products-Nobel metal catalyst series
  Subsidiary products-Environmental cleaning agent series
  Ex-situ regenerated and reduced catalysts

Jiangsu Yangzi catalyst Co., Ltd., is located in the historical and cultural city in China---fine chemicals park, Yongan Zhou town, Gaogang district, Taizhou, Jiangsu, has perfect industrial chain around the upstream and downstream, complete public ancillary facilities, and convenient transportation.

Yangzi Catalyst, is dedicated to product and sale hydrogenation(refining,upgrading,vis-breaking, dearomatic,cracking etc.),reforming(continuous,semi-regeneration),isomerization(medium,low temperature),non-hydroupgrading,dry gas hydrogen production multi-type catalysts wide applied in refining and chemical,environmental field , also include desulfrization, dechlorination,deoxidation,dehydration,dearsenication,demetalization all forms of environmental cleaning agent, and catalyst carrier with ball,extruded,profile bar; furthermore engaged in the regeneration-reduction of nobel metal catalyst, is a multiplex,systematized,synthesizing type processing enterprise.

Yangzi catalyst is the only company which can product the hydrogenation ,reforming,isomerization,dehydrogenation four categories catalysts at the same time in domestic refining and chemical industry, also is the private leading manufacture of fixed bed,moving bed catalyst and noble metal catalyst in China refining and chemical industry, in future will committed to develop into the industry amplification production base of petrochemical industry and environmental catalyst,catalytic new material, catalytic engineering innovation technology development center.


Yangzi Catalyst has wide technical force, experts with many years experience for catalyst R&D,preparation,industrial applications,technical service, employ many CAS academicians,doctoral supervisor,professor and senior application specialist of refining and chemical,environmental as technical support. Meantime has long-term cooperation with world class university,state key laboratory,research institutes and engineering company in industrial catalysis field at home and abroad, provide reliable guarantee for developing,applicating and promoting new technology,new material and new product in refining and chemical,environmental fields with domestic advanced level.


Yangzi Catalyst has advanced production facilities, has the domestic newest,automatic,multifunctional,high efficiency complete set of equipment for catalyst production,regeneration,reduction in refining and chemical,environmental fields. Production capacity of catalyst professional assembly line is more than 15t/d, treatment capacity of noble metal catalyst hydrogen reduction unit is more than 6t/d. In order to ensure the stability of product quality, build the perfect system for analysis,evaluation and control.

Yangzi Catalyst establish the management idea of "innovation,cooperate with honesty and sincerity,quality service"from beginning of undertaking, with latest product,optimal quality,best service to meet large customs. Welcome to people of insight at home and abroad, promote common development and cooperation with Yangzi Catalyst.

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